Saturday, October 21, 2006


This canary must sing

Daily News - Editorial 10-12-06

A big player in the Brooklyn Democratic Party's judge-making machine won a get-of-jail-free card yesterday from District Attorney Joe Hynes in a plea-bargain deal that will, it is fervently hoped, pay big dividends.

In dismissing three-year-old extortion charges against party Executive Director Jeff Feldman, Hynes said Feldman would cooperate with corruption probers, making him potentially one of the most valuable witnesses around here in a long time. Feldman will live up to his billing if he delivers former boss Clarence Norman to prison, along with naming every other name in the Democratic rackets.

Given the rogue's image that Feldman had cultivated, the news that he had turned was nothing less than stunning, but the specter of a stretch in Attica does have a way of knocking the starch out of you. Equally remarkable was Hynes' depiction of Feldman as a mere messenger boy for Norman, as someone who "did not possess or share Clarence Norman's intent to commit these crimes."

Specifically, those offenses included strong-arming would-be judicial candidates into hiring favored consultants. The deal was simple: Do as you are told or forget the bench. Such was the message Feldman delivered, allegedly at Norman's behest, and it is patently clear that he understood the felonious nature of his conduct. Feldman is, after all, a 30-year veteran of judicial politics, and he has long been a key figure in deciding who becomes a judge in Brooklyn, including his own wife, Supreme Court Justice Marsha Steinhardt.

So now Hynes says Feldman will sing. It better be loud and clear.

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